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Looking for a VPS solution that provides performance and flexibility? Our VPS plans come with up to 5 Gbit/s connectivity and 50TB of monthly traffic, starting at just €3.90.

Choose from our tailored plans:
€4.90/month 2x AMD EPYC vCore, 8Gb RAM, 80GB NVMe Disk Space,
€7.90/month: 4x AMD EPYC vCore, 16GB RAM, 120GB NVMe Disk space
€11.90/month: 6x AMD EPYC vCore, 24GB RAM, 180GB NVMe Disk space

Included in all plans:
5 Gbit/s connectivity
50 TB traffic/month
KVM / ISO mount
Compatible with Linux, Windows, and BSD
Easy upgrades/downgrades via UI
5 Snapshots and 1 Backup slot

Customize your VPS to your needs with our seamless up/downgrade options. Enjoy unmatched flexibility and high performance. Join today:

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